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Did you Know???

  • Sales in global art market reached $67.4 bn but Sales in U.S, UK and China accounted for 84% of the global market in 2018!

  • 63% of total sales came from top 3 artists and 42% of value accounted by 1 single artist in the primary market for galleries.

  • Global online art & antiquities market reached $6 bn in 2018, a 11% y-o-y increase!

  • 93% of millennial HNW collectors bought from an online platform which was never the case before!

  • GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) created Artwork sold for $432500 @ Christies!

When art meets tech....

Stay Tuned.... This is just the beginning

Art has just started dating Tech... Exciting and Fun times ahead.. Watch this space....

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